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14th Nov 2021

Welcome to the Toxic Avengers podcast, meet the people working to keep us safe from toxic chemicals

Welcome to Episode 0 of the Toxic Avengers podcast. For this introductory episode I discuss the problem of our continuous exposure to toxic chemicals, in our air, our water, our food, in all kinds of consumer products, at home and in the workplace.

I describe the purpose and format of the podcast, interviewing people who work to attain health protections, nationally, in the states, and in local communities. We will learn about their lives -- how they came to their work -- and what it is that keeps them committed to pursuing the goals of environmental health and justice.

Learning about each of our guests will provide listeners with a greater understanding and awareness of how and where exposure to toxic chemicals occurs, their potential health effects, and the many ways that the system could protect us, but frequently fails to do so.

What people hear and learn from the podcast, may inspire them to get involved, joining the league of Toxic Avengers working to make a better, safer, healthier world.

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The Toxic Avengers
Meet the people working to protect us from toxic chemicals.
We're constantly being exposed to toxic chemicals, in our food, our water, the products we buy, in our homes, at work, even in utero. Meet the Toxic Avengers: people working to stem the tide of toxic chemical pollution that can lead to cancer, birth defects, learning disabilities and other health impacts. Learn about Toxic Avengers' fights against the chemical industry to win strong federal and state protections; local campaigns to defend communities facing the greatest toxic exposures; and the power of consumers to make household products safer.

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