Episode 8

Published on:

8th Mar 2022

Interview with Dr. Anna Reade, NRDC PFAS scientist (Part 2 of 2)

For this episode, we have Part 2 of my conversation with Dr. Anna Reade, scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). 

We continue our discussion of her work focused on the large and highly persistent class of chemicals known as PFAS. 

We talk about their widespread use in many products, and their potential impacts on vulnerable populations and environmental justice

 Dr. Reade also describes her work developing a groundbreaking database of scientific studies on the health effects of PFAS; and reflects on her role as a scientist advocating for public health protections from toxic chemicals.

To learn more about PFAS, listen to our Episode 5 interview with Sharon Lerner, Investigative Reporter for The Intercept and read her series The Teflon Toxin.

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